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A review; Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

All I’ve been doing this past week has been playing Crash Bandicoot. As I’m sure most of you know, the remastered N. Sane Trilogy of Crash came out on June 30th of this year. Of course it was right before the weekend and I work every single weekend of my life currently, so I saved game play for this past week.
I will admit that I did not play the original Crash Bandicoot when I was younger, however I did play a lot of the side scrolling platform games like Mario and Donkey Kong. Playing Crash Bandicoot did give me that nostalgic feeling I had when I spent hours playing Mario, and dying, repeatedly. The anger of dying repeatedly is so real, even after all this time but I really wouldn’t replace it for anything.
 Disclaimer: I haven’t beaten the game yet. I started solo on the first, then to make it co-op my husband and I started the second one and just have been switching off every level or when we die, which is unfortunately a fair amount of the time.
So here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve seen and done while playing the game.
1.    I like playing as Crash better than playing as his sister. In the first game of the trilogy, N Sanity Beach, after a few levels and defeating the first boss Papu Papu, you get the chance to play as Crash’s sister, Coco. I’m always down to play as the female heroine, especially if she gets extra abilities like Dixie Kong did in Donkey Kong Country 3, with her slight hover ability when she whipped her hair around. Unfortunately, Coco doesn’t have any game special abilities, although I do like that she’s very intelligent. Her game play is smoother in the first game than Crash’s. However, I don’t feel that her reach is as long as Crash’s, especially when you’re trying to spin away a chompy plant and just get eaten.
2.    Just keep going forward in the levels that have ice in the second game. In the second game there are a lot more levels that have ice scattered within the levels. My advice, just keep moving forward. I’ve died so many times from hesitating right before a jump on ice. I feel like it makes jumps harder if you skate to the edge, stop, and then try to jump. Or to hesitate mid-jump. However, if you just keep skating and jump at the edge you’ll make it to the next platform. And even then sometimes that’s not enough. What I really like about the second game is that Crash has extra abilities, like the sliding action. I works great on ice. So even if skating forward isn’t enough, if you slide into a jump on ice you get to go even farther. Which also has ended up killing me by over jumping but it’s a neat trick to know.

3.    Along with the other abilities that Crash obtains in the second game, he also has learned the body slam ability (which my husband loves to do way too often).     This ability though does have an extra perk other than killing baddies. It helps you jump higher. First I will admit, I suck at jumping on all of the boxes in the level. I know there is an extra prize at the end of each level for getting all of the boxes, but honestly I suck at it. So all of those bonus levels, I try really hard to get all of them but usually get Sean to grab all of them for when I just get too frustrated to go on. But even then, there are times when you crash the incorrect box that you needed to get to the next one. The body slam ability is the trick. So even if you mess up and can’t reach a box (or even a higher platform!) if you body slam, it gives you just a little higher lift so you can reach that just out of reach box.
4.    Last tip, run towards the baddies. This is something that was really hard for me to learn, because I feel like with Mario and Donkey Kong, I would see where the bad guys were and they were going slow enough that I could gage where I needed to go in order to avoid them. I think the Crash baddies are faster. So instead of going where they were, you need to head right at them. I died so many times because I thought they were going as slow as I’m used to, not as fast as they were actually going. This happened a lot in both games when Crash needed to ride some type of animal to get through the level. It put my anxiety on edge when I learned to run at the enemies. I thought (and still do) “I am so not going to make it!” every time I bee line where the enemies are, but you do. It’s counterintuitive, but it works, and I’m sure the developers have giggled at that fact.

I am looking forward to finishing off this trilogy and these are only some of the trick that I have learned on my own. I did see a lot of cheat code and secret level articles while researching Crash, but that will be saved for the second play through. I hope these tips have helped anyone and I hope you get a chance to play these games, I highly recommend it. If you have any tips or tricks please comment and share! 

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