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How To Eat Healthy When You Have A Husband That Cooks

I love my husband and his cooking very much. He has taught me to be an adventurous eater and I love, love, love trying his new recipes. However, he does have a problem. He always makes a massive amount of whatever he’s cooking. Which is fantastic when we have friends or family over but…..for the most time it’s just the two of us. And trust me, I would love to eat it all (so tasty) however I would also like to fit into my clothes. So, with my husbands’ help I have been trying to carve out a healthy eating style without sacrificing his cooking talents. Here are some tips that have been working for me:

 1) Portion Size. When Sean (my husband) cooks, I could figuratively eat it all. However, even when I try to contain myself I still feel like I ate too much. So what I’ve found that works is to take the portion you want, then cut that in half. When I first tried this out I was really sad putting food back, but now I feel like I’ve eaten enough to make myself content but don’t feel stuffed.

 2) Leftovers! Sean and I use to eat the entire dinners he would make; so good, yet so bad. But now since I’ve been cutting portion sizes I find I have enough food to have lunch for tomorrow. This is really good for me since I don’t cook and Sean is usually at work, or at school, or with friends or isn’t around for lunch time. I can use a microwave (most of the time) so having these extra leftovers are great for me. And even then, if I find that we still have too much, I have my mother or sister have some (because they also don’t cook; must run in the family).

 3) Substitution. Lately, Sean has been trying to substitute some ingredients with healthier ones for me. Like last night we had goulash, instead of regular ground sausage he used turkey sausage. Or instead of having mash potatoes as a side, he now makes this delicious side dish of summer squash and zucchini. Yum.

 4) Reuse Dishes. What we try to do when we attempt at meal planning (that’s still a work in progress) we try to see what we can reuse. For example, there is a dish that I found on Pinterest that we both enjoy, Mayo Chicken. The first night we make the dish as intended and save whatever left overs we have. The second night, that Mayo Chicken makes delicious chicken finger subs. I really like this tip since it not only does it stop us from over eating but it saves us money since one recipe makes two different dishes for two different nights.

 Eating too much is not healthy, but not eating at all is not the answer either. I’ve been on both sides of that story. Plus now that Sean has made me an adventurous eater I don’t think I could ever not eat again. And just like most people, I want to be healthy and tone but don’t want to substitute flavor for it. I enjoy eating and we only have one life. A life which I want to extend but don’t want to miss out on everything that life has to offer. And I’m beginning to learn how to balance so I am able to have some of both world. So I hope these tips will help you as they’ve helped me.

I am always looking for more ways to eat healthier so if you have any tips please comment below! Thank you for reading!

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